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Our history

hans aa A/S is a Danish, family owned company with production facilities in Denmark, Poland and in China. The company was established in 1949 and has grown into an international company with over 200 dedicated employees worldwide.

Early days

hans aa was founded in 1949 in the costal town of Esbjerg, Denmark by the grandfather of two of the current owners of the company. hans aa was a traditional sailmaker company for many years, producing customized sewing products made of everything from leather, cloth and eventually – tarpaulin.


Expanding the company

In the last 10 years, hans aa has expanded the company to include own production facilities in both Poland and China. This gives us a perfect base for development and delivery of small or urgent assignments from our facilities in Denmark, and cheaper mass production in either China or Poland, according to the market for delivery.  

Recent years

In recent years, we have specialized in producing tarpaulin products for industries such as wind power, agriculture, offshore and on top of that, we offer a wide range of special tarpaulin solutions. 

The company has extensive experience in designing specific assignments for a wide range of various industries and often work as a sparring partner for innovative new products. We use our long-standing experience within this line of business to support our customers and to ensure a final optimum product. After development, we can also assist in scaling your production.

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