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tagline.pngCSR Policy

At hans aa – world of tarpaulins, we are very conscious about our responsibility. Responsibility that are imposed to us from the respective sociaties we operate in, and at our own factories in Poland, China and Denmark.

Our CSR values

Trustworthy – we always keep our word. Our wish is to create long and strong relationships with our customers

Supply safe – we always deliver on time, and we deliver our goods worldwide

Flexible – we always meet our customers’ needs and requirements, and with our experience and educational skills, we are often used by our partners as their innovative external “department”.

We are conscious that we make a difference, and we always guarantee best in class products, which are under our responsibility.

We  guarantee

At hans aa – world of tarpaulins, we have a value-based approach, and therefore we guarantee this:

- No child labour at our factories
- No child labour at our partners factories
- We guarantee proper payments and employment conditions
  for all our workers
- We guarantee working conditions and safety conditions for
  all our employees and, we always initiate investigations to
  find better solutions for our employees