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World of tarpaulins

We are specialists in tarps for the wind-, offshore- and
agricultural industry. No job is too big or too small for us. 

Tarps for the wind industry

Tarpaulins for offshore

At hans aa we have extensive know-how in both design
and manufacturing of tarps and tarp-related products for the offshore industry.

Tarps for the offshore industry

Tarpaulins for agriculture

We supply farmers and industrial clients with high-quality tarps 
produced in large quantities for agricultural equipment.

Tarps for agriculture

Special tarp solutions

Do you need a tailor made tarpaulin solution? We can help with both design, development and manufacturing of tarps that fit your specific needs.

Special tarp solutions

Furniture upholstery

At hans aa we are specialist in upholstering furniture and have employees who are educated in that specific category. 


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Welcome to hans aa

hans aa is market leading manufacturer of industrial tarps and have provided customers
worldwide with innovative tarpaulin solutions since 1949. Our business areas include: